M2 Federal has worked projects throughout Central Texas, and is committed to delivering quality services and products on time, on budget to ensure customer satisfaction.  Below are several examples of our capabilities in multiple construction disciplines:
Site Prep/Grading and Utilities (Fresh, Storm, Waste & Fuel) (new, extensions & repairs)  
Project: Realign and widen a 1,300' long drainage canal; place a metal and asphalt sealing system in several maintenance hangers.
Client:  US Army 
Project:  Demolish, remove, and replace a bridge, and full depth repair and replace 14,500 square feet of asphalt roadway and parking lots.
Client:  Veterans Administration
Parking Lots (New and Repair)
Project:  Expand and repair 11,000 square feet of parking lot, add drain inlets, relocate and repair electrical and irrigation utilities.
Client:  Veterans Administration
Project:  Install storm drain inlets, box culverts, and outfall; relocate sewer; improve 1,400 linear feet of flood canal
Client: City of New Braunfels, TX
Project:  Modify parking lot sidewalks, install ramp compliant with Americans with Disability Act (ADA), install signage, stripe parking lot
Client:  Texans A&M

Structural Steel Welding, Erection and Repair 
Project:  Repair damage and reinforce two metal shade structures
Client:  US Fish and Wildlife Service
Concrete and Masonry Restoration/Repair/ Foundation Repairs
Project:  Project to remove concrete, repair erosion, and repair soil retention barrier around buildings.
Client:  US Army
Other areas of M2 Federal expertise:
  • Catch Basin Filtration and Decanting   
  • Concrete Structures, Horizontal and Vertical 
  • Waterproofing/Caulking/Leak Repairs (below and above grade) 
  • Utility Repairs (Storm, Fresh, Sewer, Irrigation)   
  • Expansion and Control Joints (new and repair) 
  • Concrete Coatings and Acid Staining
  • Epoxy Flooring and Flooring Systems  
  • Metal Building Installation and Repair 
  • Roofing systems (new and repair)  
  • Flashing and Sheet Metal 
  • Siding systems (new and repair) 
  • Window systems (new and repair) 
  • Decorative Overlays/Stamped Concrete 
  • Pond Lining and Repair 
  • Synthetic Stucco/Exterior Insulation and Finish systems (new and repair)  
  • Coating systems (incl. plural component)